Tom Warnick: 1991-2013


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Tom Warnick, 1991-2013.

Tom Warnick, 1991-2013.

POWDER is sad to report that skier Tom Warnick passed away from unknown circumstances. Warnick, who turned 22 in October, was a member of Stept Productions and filmed annually with the Boulder-based production house. Warnick had a hand in producing and filming for Stept’s films including The Eighty-Six and Weight, both which were nominated for Movie of the Year at the annual POWDER Awards.

Warnick was best known for his wild antics both on and off hill, and an immaculate style that made him a celebrated, albeit underground, skier in the forums and video section of

“We all have our place, we are a family” said professional skier Clayton Vila in a phone interview. “He had a real huge part in our group of friends. I would never turn down an opportunity to hang out with Tom. He was so entertaining. He was our comic relief, and an early inspiration to all of us as skiers. He was the most naturally talented skier I’ve ever known.”

Warnick was originally from Maryland and grew up skiing at Wisp alongside Tom Wallisch. He and Vila were also good friends, having skied together at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire since the age of 13. Upon graduation, the two moved to Colorado to study at CU Boulder and pursue life as professional skiers.

“This is a hard day,” says Vila. “We loved that kid a lot.”

The Stept crew is gathered in Boulder, Colorado. Over the phone, professional skier Sean Jordan weighed in on the loss of Warnick.

“Tom was the most energized person to have around,” says Jordan. “He may not have made the best decisions, but he was a great friend to many people in this industry. Today, skiing lost someone really important. Tom was a big part of skiing for a lot of people.”

On his Facebook wall, many skiers paid their condolences to Warnick and his family, including Wallisch.

“RIP my brotha. Can’t even believe you’re gone. So many amazing memories and fun times. The days back in Deep Creek with the whole crew will never be forgotten. One of the most fun and energetic kids I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Shred in peace buddy. Thanks for all the good times.” —Tom Wallisch

POWDER sends our condolences to the family and friends of Tom Warnick.


  • Mark cassidy

    Brilliant writer, skier, beloved nephew—son of my best childhood friend and sister—a legitimate joyful birth.

  • Uhaha

    Dumb lefty, you are tactless and need to grow up. Have some respect moron.

  • Brooks

    such steeze…too soon. He’s in my thoughts.

  • Diana Stokes

    Dumblefty… Don’t be reckless with your words. This is how hurtful rumors
    start. And really this is so disrespectful to his family. Think before you can’t
    take back that painful word. Words repete in our minds over and over for life,
    If your not lifting up, its best to say nothing. I still struggle to not say destructive

    • LawFirmGirlieSydney

      i agree and rip to him

  • CO Skier

    Prayers and thoughts for his family. May he rest in peace. 39 yo, ski instructor here. No involvement in the type of skiing this young man did or even get it. But i DO get that someone’s son, friend, grandson, boyfriend, coworker and probably inspiration has died. I’m far removed from his generation, but those in it please take heed: Respect your peers and others as PEOPLE first and make folks my age change our perception.

  • Conservative NJ Girl

    From this ski family (from New England) to Tom’s we are so sorry for your loss… prayers to the family and for Tom’s soul…. too young, such a loss…

  • Spencer Wilson

    Shred in Peace. One of the originators of freestyle skiing. And he always stayed true to the word. He made tricks look easy, and made them look even steezier. You will be missed sir.

  • Robertisadouche

    you are a horrible person. have some respect

  • Graale

    Even if it was like you described he will still be remembered as a great guy, whereas you will still remain dumb and lefty…
    We simply love those guys for what they meant for us, not for how they passed… Your point is simply meaningless… Try better!…

  • Peach.

    What about his fucking idiots?

  • Jimmy

    Heroin is bad for you. In fact, it kills you if you take too much.

  • ArKain

    He loved powder all right

  • Morgan Farantino-Clark

    i don’t know you but RIP.
    so sad i c this on facebook and i wanted to show my respect,by saying i am sorry he die way too early,and so sad just rip from morgan.

    • LawFirmGirlieSydney

      i am sad for him.
      rip to this young man.
      i agree moregan.way too soon

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